Retirement Coaching

What is retirement Coaching?

Traditionally, 'retirement' planning covers financial planning only - but this is only a small part of the picture.  After all, it may be 30-plus years of your life! This provides both opportunity and challenges!  Having sufficient savings and investments is great for security but what will you do with it?

What is going to provide you with meaning and purpose?  What will replace the structure, social interaction, challenges, your sense of identity?  What sort of lifestyle are you looking for - and can you afford that?  I have come across some people who have a million or 2 in assets who are worried they won't have enough money and others who think the state pension alone will be sufficient to keep them in holidays and new cars.  Make sure you have your facts and that you are not working on unfounded beliefs!

Putting some thought into what your retirement - or, as I prefer to call it, your re-firement, can make this phase of your life so much more rewarding!

I can work with individuals or couples wanting to plan their retirement and I can also offer retirement workshops for groups.

Follow-up Coaching to help you implement your plan

I want you to have the best retirement possible!  Sometimes, you have a clear idea of what you want - your design; and you have a plan but then something gets in the way.  Maybe it is self sabotage, procrastination or possibly fear or anxiety.  Whatever is blocking you I can help.I can help you implement your retirement life plan.  Together we can identify what is getting in the way and then work together to fix it!Coaching follow-up may also about polishing the plan you developed during a workshop and ensuring you have a plan that truly excites you!Sessions last one hour and can be in person or via phone/Skype depending on where you are.  I am based in North Canterbury, NZ.

“Life is not measured by the number in your bank account, but the memories you create. Therefore, focus on how your finances can maximize your life, not the other way around”

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