Workforce Planning

If you are in an organisation that has an aging workforce it is likely that you have some concerns about replacing those employees who retire.  Often, people retire with considerable amounts of knowledge and experience that can be difficult, if not impossible, to replace.

You may assume you have a good 'pipeline' of talent coming through or that you will be able to simply recruit new staff when needed but if these are just assumptions you may end up in a bit of mess.

Many industries have shortages of skills AND aging workforces - a perfect storm.  These include health, education and most varieties of engineering.

With COVID and additional restrictions, it will be even more challenging in the future to replace older employees with experienced, appropriately qualified staff - UNLESS you start preparing early!

So, how prepared are you?

  • Do you have policies in place for recruiting and retaining older workers?
  • Do you know how many of your employees are aged over 60 and are at risk of departing the labour force for good?
  • If all your employees were to retire at 65 what impact would it have on your organisation?
  • Do you have succession plans in place for critical roles?
  • Do you know where you will find the skills and experience you will need in future years?
  • do you have flexible work policies in place and retirement transition options (reducing hours, changing roles, mentoring etc) to retain older workers?
  • Does you organisation have any (unconscious) bias against older employees - is this based on fact or assumption?  Do your older employees feel valued?

A great place to start is to offer an Age With Attitude workshop for your employees and their partners.  Get them thinking about life after 65, challenge some beliefs that may be outdated and start the conversation going!
At the same time, start forecasting your workforce needs with potential staff turnover included, Retirement Choices can help if needed!
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