Age with Attitude Workshop

If you and your organisation are forward thinking and realise that your people are your biggest asset, you will know that working with your people and providing them the skills and tools to do their jobs is vitally important.  Helping them design and plan their retirement is no different.  Not only will it help them but it will also help you.  It will help open up the discussions so that you can plan your workforce needs into the future. Do they want to continue working, do they want to reduce their hours or maybe be available on-call?  Or, when they reach a certain age do they plan to leave?

It will also align with staff well-being initiatives and demonstrate that the company cares.  From a purely practical point of view, 60 is now only 2/3rds of an average life span so keeping your valued older employees in the workforce for longer could be a win:win for both parties! For some further facts about the 'aging workforce', read more here.

  • The labour force aged 65+  will increase to between 218,000–386,000 in 2043, up from 188,000 in 2020

  • By the late 2020s it is expected that 9% of the labour force will be aged 65+, compared with 6% in 2020 and less than 1% in 1991

- Stats NZ, National Labour Foce Projections

My ‘Age With Attitude’ workshop is about planning for life after the traditional 'career years'; the time that used to be referred to as 'retirement'. The things that will provide meaning and  purpose and get you our of bed in the mornings!  We clarify values - the 'non-negotiables', one of the foundations for self awareness - what is important to YOU.  During the deign phase, we start to look outwards over the next 5, 10, 20 and 30 years and start designing the life you want - where you will be, who with, how you will feel, what you will be experiencing...the general 'vision' for your retirement life.  Then we develop a plan with goals and actions that aligns with your design.

Providing facts and challenging some outdated beliefs, the workshop is designed to get participants thinking differently about life-after-60. The workshop covers areas such as career and work, health and wellness, finances, family and relationships, leisure and social and personal development. Participants will leave feeling more in control of their life, they will have increased clarity and self awareness as well as a retirement design and life plan ready to implement.

The workshop is run over a day (or two half days) and participants are provided with both a workbook and an ‘e-reference book’ for future reference. The workshop is highly interactive and action-orientated.

Cost of workshop: for up to 20 participants, $2,500 for in-house workshops (organisation provides venue and catering) plus expenses (travel and accommodation, if needed, for facilitator).

To book a workshop or find out more, just drop me an email.

We all need meaning and purpose, a reason to get out of bed each day.  These change over our lifetime.  Retirement provides an opportunity to set your course, but first, determine what this is!

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